About Us

We are located in the New York area. Each executive has real experiences running a business,negotiation/selling or procuring high ticket,complex deals.We bring credibility and real experiences to understanding of your business problems. Currently, we work with 27 Fortune 500 companies like Boeing, Novartis and Wendy’s We understand our clients business problems.

We are ONLY interested in solutions that work.

Because that’s who we are! We work with successful companies with concerns like:

  • Unacceptable % of money left on the table when negotiating.
  • Poor sales because potential clients didn't chose their solution
  • Unacceptable costs and get too little value when buying
  • Too many broken relationships with customers and suppliers

Does any of that resonate for you?

Why We Do What We Do: The AscendU Group is Practical and Passionate about what we’re doing. If we aren’t we won’t engage with you. We measure your results. And We have Fun!

About the Founder 

Martin Finkle ASCENDU Founder

Marty Finkle, Founder and CEO


Marty Finkle, CPT, Founder and CEO of AscendU, LLC and Director of Scotwork NA is a renowned industry expert and sought-after speaker, who works with numerous fortune 1000 companies in various industries. Through his work on negotiation strategy,process and behaviors, many organizations have achieved an exceptional return on investment, while participants have been able to adapt the skills to other workplace and personal situations.

Marty was CEO for Scotwork from 2005 through 2015 and grew the company 10 times the size over that time. He is now a board director for Scotwork NA and runs his own consulting firm, AscendU, LLC where he is working with other executives bringing practical solutions that impact top and bottom line results to sales, procurement and the boardroom. He is also continuing to represent Scotwork for negotiation skills.

"Negotiating with Integrity"

Before joining Scotwork in 2003, Marty held various sales and executive roles, where he helped increase revenues for firms including Lever Brothers, Franklin Quest, AT&T, General Mill, and Oxford Health Plans. To a large degree, Marty’s success comes from his ability to think strategically and holistically about issues in order to develop long-term solutions. His strengths include creating and exploring ideas for clients as well as for Scotwork, which have helped maximize their potential. Throughout his career, Marty has been able to develop meaningful connections with customers while helping them nurture their own relationships.

Marty received his Bachelors in Business Administration and Communication from Rochester Institute of Technology and earned his Master’s in Human Resource Education from Fordham University. He is one of fewer than 1,000 Certified Performance Technologists worldwide. Marty lives in South Orange New Jersey with his husband and has two daughters who are building their careers in NYC. With a guiding principle of "helping others help themselves," Marty values “ negotiating with integrity”—which he follows in his professional and personal life.


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